My group therapeutic yoga classes use the holistic approach of yoga to promote healing & wellness and are strongly rooted in the ancient wisdom of the yoga scriptures.

Practising yoga in this targeted therapeutic way can help you to reduce suffering, release attachments, overcome obstacles and instigate behavioural change, as you identify and work with your strengths and challenges.

Group classes are for all levels and will provide you with the tools and knowledge to help guide your personal practice and maintain balance day to day sustainably, for a lifetime of the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Ella’s yoga therapy classes have been transformational for me.

Ella is a skilled instructor, and this alongside the tranquil atmosphere and sense of community she provides have made each session a source of learning and self-discovery for me.

I’ve experienced improved flexibility, reduced stress and a deeper connection with my inner self.

I am so grateful to have found Ella and the holistic approach to wellness that her classes provide.

Grant P

Child & Teen Therapeutic Yoga Classes

The aim of these classes is to support the physical and emotional wellbeing of children and teens, helping them to build resilience and capacity as they grow and navigate the world.

Classes integrate yoga posture, visualisation, breathing and relaxation strategies structured around the 8 senses with a focus on sensory processing and integration.

Classes may include games or creative activities and are all about having fun and getting to know ourselves better in a supportive and non-competitive environment.

You can find more information on how therapeutic yoga may benefit your child on my Schools page.

All abilities are welcome, however please note that the studio is situated up a flight of stairs and therefore not suitable at this time for children with mobility challenges.

Ella has been an invaluable presence in our group for children with anxiety. Ella brought not only the gift of yoga and meditation but also an abundance of compassion and understanding. From the moment she began volunteering, it was evident that she possessed an ability to connect with children grappling with anxiety.

She created an atmosphere of trust and safety and demonstrated a keen understanding of the emotional challenges these children face.

The gentle encouragement she offered, to explore their breath, body, and emotions allowed these young people to navigate the complexities of anxiety with a new found resilience. Her genuine passion for making a positive difference in the lives of these children was tangible.

Seema N

Family Yoga Classes

Family yoga can create a sacred space in your week for your family to:

  • Reconnect and strengthen bonds
  • Learn tools to reduce stress and anxiety together
  • Increase flexibility, strength and balance
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Allow your child to shine and grow in confidence
  • Laugh, explore, have fun and create memories

In the busy and often tech-driven world in which we live, these classes can provide Children, Parents and Grandparents a rare opportunity to spend quality time together, leaving behind the pressures of everyday life (and the screens), even if only for an hour!

Classes are structured around connecting your family physically as well as emotionally.  We incorporate group and partner work as well as honing our communication skills by teaching, supporting and trusting each other.

All abilities are welcome, however please note that the studio is situated up a flight of stairs and therefore not suitable at this time for children with mobility challenges.