Therapeutic yoga for children & teens supports physical and emotional wellbeing, helping them to build resilience and capacity as they grow and navigate the world.
Therapeutic yoga can provide children & teens with the tools to:
Reduce anxiety & improve mental health
Strengthen self-regulation and coping skills
Calm, soothe and reset the nervous system
Increase self-esteem & self-confidence

Support self-agency

Build inner calmness & centre the mind
Balance emotions
Release difficult emotions & tension
Build body, mind & breath awareness
Build social & communication skills
Improve visual & auditory processing
Strengthen academic skills, focus & concentration
Develop language & vocabulary
Advance gross/fine motor skills & co-ordination
Improve executive functioning
Boost creativity and imagination
Improve sleep & digestion
Strengthen the immune and lymphatic systems
Improve thyroid & circulatory functioning
Build Strength, muscle tone, flexibility & balance
Improve behaviour

Create & embody healthy boundaries

Support sensory needs

I learned that I can use my body in ways I didn’t know and taught tree pose to my Mum. I liked the relaxation the best and did the gratitude practice outside of class.

Ella is a yoga queen!

Maisie C

I liked the sleep poses the best, I learned lots of helpful and calming yoga poses and strategies. I use single nostril breathing outside of class. I have really enjoyed these yoga sessions. I hope I can do it again sometime

Ryan W

Yoga was fun and relaxing. Ella is really kind and knows how to help every day.

I learned how to stop crying and become calm.

I liked the face massages the best!

Leoni F

Therapeutic yoga may be used as a complementary healthcare modality for the following conditions:
Cerebral Palsy
Fragile X
Prader Willi

Down Syndrome

Learning disabilities
Mobility challenges



Motor coordination difficulties

Language Processing Disorder/communication difficulties

Sensory Processing

Ella holds our children’s social and emotional needs with a gentle and kind nature. She plays a big role in our school community allowing children to move their bodies, express, let go of tension and be their authentic selves.

Ella uses her professionalism to always put the children first and champion their needs.

She continues to develop her own understanding of complex needs by going on CPD and specialised courses. She also regularly checks in with us, as staff!

Thank you for all you do Ella.

Sophie W – Wellfield Middle School


Child/Teen/Staff yoga therapy group sessions of mixed abilities (Max 10)
Specialised yoga therapy group sessions (Max 10)
SEND yoga therapy group sessions/ interventions (Max 4)
One to one yoga therapy sessions
Child/Teen yoga group classes (Max 10)
Staff yoga group classes (Max 10)
£77 per 60m session
£77 per 60m session
£77 per 60m session
(see services page for pricing)
£45 - 60m / £40 - 45m
£40 - 60m / £35 - 45m

All of the above can range from one off classes up to 12 week term-time programmes and can be tailored to your student/staff needs.

Yoga therapy sessions integrate the teaching of yoga posture, visualisation & breathing strategies using games and/or activities, with a focus on sensory processing and integration through the use of vestibular and proprioceptive input.

Yoga classes focus on movement, breathing, relaxation and fun!

Please contact me at to tell me about your school’s requirements, or if there is something not listed that you would like to discuss.

If you are a parent/carer in the process of requesting an EOTAS package for your child, please contact me to discuss how I can form part of their therapy provision.

My favourite thing was the obstacle course and the massage.

I use the meditation outside of class and I learned to be chill.

Holly W

I liked the obstacle course best and use the relaxing techniques outside of class

William E

I really liked yoga, especially learning about sleep and what to do before bed.

I’ve also done the tapping outside of class.

Viola E